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139 Summer Street Special Permits would make a mockery of SomerVision

by today at 10:28 am

The Zoning Board of Appeals hearing for 139 Summer Street will be held on Wednesday February 4, 6pm at City Hall, 93 Highland Avenue, Second Floor, Aldermanic chambers.  Please attend the hearing and speak out…

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1/29/15 Somerville Redevelopment Authority Meeting

by on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Agenda not posted online. If the meeting is held, it will likely include a discussion of Assembly Square, Union Square, and the proposed new citywide zoning. More…

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1/31/15 Somerville by Design: Union Square Visioning Session

by on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

This visioning session follows on the first visioning session Jan. 7. Come early and go on a neighborhood tour. Share your thoughts and concerns with the design team. It’s your square! More…

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Newscast: Somerville Neighborhood News #32

by on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Jan. 27, 2015 – Check out the Martin Luther King Day concert and meet some performers, attend the meeting to learn about the city’s new zoning ordinance, find out about the concerns surrounding the Union…

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by on Thu, Jan 22, 2015

Late last year, the state legislature finally approved a bill that brings to life the long-awaited Mystic River Water Quality Commission.
The Mystic has consistently received a “D” grade from the Environmental Protection…

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by on Thu, Jan 22, 2015

Kids and adults were boxing, playing soccer, rowing, hitting softballs, doing martial arts, calisthenics, and learning about skating, women’s football, parkour, music, art and a myriad of other activities at the city’s recent Recreation Fair…

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Miss Senior Massachusetts Brightens Lives

by on Thu, Jan 22, 2015

Somerville resident Fran Owens has been crowned Miss Senior Massachusetts, danced at nightclubs, and crooned for big shots and high rollers for decades. Today, she attends “Senior America” events and sings for seniors at senior…

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Emily Cassel & Emily Hopkins – Scout Magazine Co-Editors (1.20.15)

by on Wed, Jan 21, 2015

On this episode of Greater Somerville, the two Emily’s (Cassel and Hopkins), Scout Magazine’s new co-editors, join co-host Joe Lynch to discuss the magazines founder Holli Banks, the future of the magazine, their backgrounds, and the move Scout will be making later this month to the Arts at the Armory facility on Highland Avenue. Tune […]

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1/20/15 Somerville Zoning Ordinance Overhaul Information Session

by on Sun, Jan 18, 2015

The new code will change and in some ways simplify development in Somerville. Come and find out what it means for you. More…

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The city’s disastrous new housing goal

by on Thu, Jan 15, 2015

The mayor has been making the rounds with journalists, community groups, and alderman. His message is that Somerville must do its fair share to meet the need identified by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council for…

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Editors' Picks

7/18/13 Somerville Land Use Committee Meeting

by on Sun, Jun 23, 2013

These are two scheduled meetings of the BOA Land Use Committee, one at 6 PM and another at 7 PM. Agenda at 6 PM includes discussing a zoning amendment to separate supermarkets from other retail in the zoning code, and another to add Medical Marijuana Treatment Facility to the table of land use categories. Agenda at 7 PM includes processing a zoning amendment, currently withdrawn, to permit a ground floor supermarket that exceeds the Ground Level Retail Size Cap in the Assembly Square Mixed-Use District. More…

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6/4/13, 6/5/13 Forums on Ethanol Trains through Cambridge and Somerville

by on Sun, Jun 2, 2013

The Cambridge legislative delegation is holding two public forums about a plan proposed by Global Partners to transport ethanol through Cambridge, Somerville, and Chelsea using the existing rail system. The ethanol trains may be a mile long and contain up to a million gallons of hot-burning, hard-to-extinguish ethanol. Far better to transport it by barge from Albany NY. More…

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Public TV and Walmart: WGBH Responds

by on Sun, Feb 24, 2013

When my membership renewal came due  I sent WGBH a letter explaining the dilemma I faced deciding whether to continue to support Boston’s non-commercial public television station. I had recently seen a promotional piece- a…

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What we can learn from the School Committee’s selection process

by on Wed, Feb 20, 2013

Last month the School Committee chose a replacement for their colleague, Maureen Bastardi, who had been appointed Ward 1 Alderman. They did so through an open process that involved soliciting interest from potential candidates and…

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2/6/13 Public Hearing on Ethanol Train Routes

by on Wed, Feb 6, 2013

Ethanol trains carrying large amounts of flammable liquid would pass through Somerville, including right by Brickbottom, East Broadway and Assembly Square. More…

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Why Should ‘Villens Consider Livestock Grazing (Ever)?

by on Sat, Jan 26, 2013

When a sober, soft-spoken, octogenarian with a Scottish accent delivers a somber warning about a six-degree temperature increase on our planet the impact is immediately warmly felt. So it was in the ASEAN Auditorium at…

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Why a new library?

by on Thu, Jan 17, 2013

Why build when we can use what we have so much better?

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Mayor @JoeCurtatone Misses Own Deadline for OpenData Initiative

by on Wed, Aug 1, 2012

In June, the City proudly announced that it would be posting lots of operational data in July online at  Well, it’s August 1st and that webpage hasn’t been set up yet. …

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Shea leaves legacy: human rights, schools, wit

by on Sat, Jul 28, 2012

Described “a force for good in the world,” William E. Shea was honored at a funeral Mass Friday, July 27, in St. Camillus Church, in Arlington, following his July 24 death at home. He had been president Ames Envelope and had been active in many ways in Somerville. See the full story at…

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Assembling the Pieces

by on Fri, Jul 27, 2012

Construction is underway at Assembly Row, Somerville’s great hope for economic development. The path to this point has been winding.

What will the way forward bring?

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