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Taking Care of the City

The residents of Somerville are justifiably proud of their city. They are keen to ensure that it remains clean, attractive, and accessible for visitors. There are a vast number of outdoor areas in the four square miles of Somerville, and these attract visitors from all over the country. There are over 60 parks, playing fields, playgrounds, and community gardens. Many of these have beautiful flora that need taking care of.

Looking After the Gardens

Although it is the responsibility of the Recreation Department to look after these areas, volunteers are happy to lend a hand. Most of them already have a keen interest in horticulture and make use of a plant identifier app to learn more about their favorite hobby. It goes without saying that most gardeners not only enjoy the outdoor lifestyle but usually they have a selection of indoor plants too.

Taking Care of Plants

Looking after the many varieties of plants in Somerville can be a challenging job. Those who have been using the Planta app have a head start in terms of knowledge. They will undoubtedly have been using this helpful app to learn about how much watering is required and when is the best time to do it. Further advice includes when to clean a house plant or fertilize it for the best results. The local residents of the city will also know when it’s time for re-potting a plant.

The Somerville Garden Club

For those who want to share their knowledge and meet like-minded people in the area, they can join the Somerville Garden Club. There are lots of members, many of whom use the Planta app to set reminders and schedules for taking care of their plants. The club was initially founded in 1994 and is a non-profit organization. The members are encouraged to volunteer at community sites and help to take care of their beloved city.

The Somerville Community Gardening Program

There are many residents in Somerville who do not actually have their own garden. Although they enjoy looking after their house plants and can treat any problems using the Dr. Planta feature of their app, they may also wish to be outdoors. Enthusiastic gardeners can apply for a community garden plot, which does come with some responsibilities and costs a nominal fee. Residents may also apply to become a volunteer Garden Coordinator.

The Somerville Community Growing Center

The Growing Center is a gorgeous oasis situated near Union Square and is run by volunteers. It is used as a learning environment, and those who already know a lot about horticulture, thanks to the Planta app, can impart their knowledge to others. The Center has won numerous awards and is recognized throughout the US for its innovative gardening programs. Taking care of the city of Somerville and its gardens is a rewarding and worthwhile activity.

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