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Here's how this started--Linda Conte wrote:

Having toddlers kind of put the kibosh on my favorite summertime activity--reading at the beach. Still, when they would eventually exhaust themselves with swimming, shell collecting, and digging to China, we could stay on the beach a little longer if I pulled out some read-aloud material.

As they got older, though, I wanted the kids to have a little something more stimulating over the summer.

We've tried a lot of summer camps around here over the years . . .

Linda offered her own evaluations of seven camps and then asked:

How about you? How have you managed to keep the little synapses firing over the lazy days of summer (those of your children, that is)?

Her post evoked about a dozen responses, including information on four different online directories of summer activities for children--two of them parent-made.

We describe and link to those four directories on this page.

Parent Melanie Campbell built a database a few months ago with day camp information such as cost, dates, type of program (general day camp, performing arts, science, sports, etc.), plus links and phone numbers. The "space available" info is outdated but the rest is great.

Parent Consuelo Perez has created a website with a very broad and comprehensive list of all sorts of activities from day camp to just good places to visit with your kids, and she briefly describes each of them in addition to providing links.

On the Somerville Public Schools website, you can find the Recreation Department's summer programs described in a downloadable brochure, and also a listing of community-based programs.

Boston Central describes itself like this:
"We highlight fun activities for families in the Greater Boston & New England Area. We do the research so you don't have to." There's a Google search within the site.

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