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Why @311Somerville Does Not Track Loose Utility Wire Calls

Posted by a 11:24 pm on March 25, 2012

Here’s what I’ve learned so far via the following Twitter conversation (in chronological order):…


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Are City’s Senior Centers Fully Accessible?

Posted by a 12:36 pm on March 5, 2012

The following letter was submitted to the resistat blog on 3/5/2012 after its writer read David Dahlbacka’s announcement of upcoming HUD Plan hearing:…


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Curtatone Administration Not as Transparent and Open as Promised

Posted by a 1:26 am on July 28, 2011

As the following examples indicate, the Curtatone administration routinely ignores, delays, or over-charges for data sought under the state’s public records law, in contrast to what the Mayor calls an “open, transparent and efficient government”.…


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Towing Company Profiting from Public Land Use?

Posted by a 6:19 pm on January 21, 2011

Happy snow emergency! Do you know where your towing dollars go?


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How Many City Departments Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb, or Coffee and Accountability

Posted by a 8:15 pm on April 22, 2010

Before the emergence of Coffee Parties, we saw, locally, the advent of, a courageous and worthy experiment in a 21st Century democratic, community- controlled public media forum, and of the much heralded, government- built Resistat program…


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SeeClickFix or SeeClickIgnore? How effective is Somerville 311?

Posted by a 10:27 am on September 13, 2009

About a month ago, on Aug 16th, I submitted a 311 service request through the new SeeClickFix tool to repair a loose utility wire tied to the fence at Hodgkins-Curtin Park along Simpson Ave (see photo below). After an initial flurry of promises from a Somerville 311 rep to have the issue fixed asap, it was ignored. Today the wire is still there, menacing passers-by and testifying to the failure of the 311 system.…


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Public Records Request : 311 Service Requests

Posted by a 10:07 am on August 26, 2009

to Jaclyn Rossetti <JRossetti(at)>
cc Thomas Champion <TChampion(at)>,
John Gannon <JGannon(at)>
date Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 9:16 AM
subject Public Records Request : 311 Service Requests

Dear Public Information Officer Jackie Rossetti, (cc…


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Tracking 311 Service Requests on a Map

Posted by a 12:22 am on August 18, 2009

See a problem, report a problem

The SeeClickFix tool on the Globe’s local Somerville website allows anyone to report and track 311 service requests on a map of the city.  You can even include a photo of the problem. All reported requests are visible to everyone, so it’s easy to view what others have submitted and add your support to those that you care about.…


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ResiStat Request for 311 Information

Posted by a 9:17 am on August 17, 2009

I just submitted the following query through ResiStat’s public Q/A tool called SomerBlog:
What types of information are stored with each 311 request? (e.g. request, date + time of request / resolution, service…


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