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Cash Mobs: When Getting Mobbed’s a Good Thing

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Posted on May 14, 2012 at 12:47 pm
Last Modified on May 14, 2012 at 12:47 pm

With the ability to mobilize a community in a matter of hours, Cash Mobs are reviving local communities one “attack” at a time. Everyone has heard of the flash mobs, seemingly spontaneous gatherings of people breaking into song to make a statement. Cash mobs take on the same appearance but rather than breaking into song they break out their wallets. They have their own statement to make: Local business are an important part of the community and their value cannot be underestimated. “Mobsters” flock to a business, wallets in hand, to support the local economy and prove that a little given by many can change the world.  

The best part is you don’t have to look far to hear success stories. According to the Boston Globe in the past year Cash Mobs have hit business districts in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Lowelland Malden and the trend continues to grow. The concept is simple: the community selects a business and encourages everyone they know to spend between $5 and $20 within a few hours.

You may be thinking: How can $5 do anything for a business? Well just listen to the recipient of the most recent Boston based Cash Mob, The Cannoli Guy Café. The Maldenbased restaurant was “mobbed” on Friday March 30th. By the end of the day he had sold over 400 of his delicious pastries, more than he would typically sell in full work week. To a small business owner the impact of these sales can go a long way into reinvigorating a business (Boston Globe).

This is just one local example of a movement that has swept the nation. The movement has even sparked a National Cash Mob Day (the final Saturday in March). This year every state was represented in the movement. For a typical mobs are announced with as little as 24 hours warning and yet the call to action is so simple that hundreds of people are known to participate in established cities. Cash mobs are fantastic ways to build community connections and perhaps  even discover new favorite businesses.

Interested in learning more?  
There are plenty of resources out there for forming your own Cash Mob.

For starters check out this interesting article in the Boston Globe or the National Cash Mob blog

[Note: This is a syndicated post. Read the original at East Somerville Main Streets.]

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